Curse of The Weed Eater production is looking for the following:

 1. An empty 2-story home with lots of tile or wood flooring (tile or such preferably) in the entry way area. **$100/day deferred

2. A Bait & Shop location out in the middle of nowhere or out in the country in the Sebastian, Franklin, Crowford county areas. **$100/day deferred

3. A commercial property in an old downtown building fitting for a small used book shop. **already have

4. A sharp sports car (new GTO, Camero, Chrysler 300, and the like).  Using only on Sunday May 1st about 9am & about 1pm.  Will be driven for 1mile max.  **$20

5. 10 or so extras April 27th @ 6pm - call for location (college scene) **screen credit only

6. 20-50 extras April 28th @ 2pm - call for locatoin (wedding scene) **screen credit only

7. 200+ extras April 29th @ 10am - Journey Church, 4235 Kelley Hwy, Fort Smith. **no pay

8. 7-10 extras May 1st @ 1pm - Glass Pavilion off B St, downtown Fort Smith. **no pay

9. 24 male extras April 29th @ 4pm - Fort Smith Park Northside + 10-30 on-lookers, cheerleaders, and the like.  **screen credit, $10 for speaking parts

10. An angel investor ($5-$10K... possible substantial return, no loss guaranteed) - call for details.

11. 2 crew members, $7/hr

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