Reminding the world through film that King Jesus is coming very soon! 
It is not about religion.  It is more than a relationship.  It's about the King and the Kingdom of God

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 Upcoming Productions


Curse of The Weed Eater: (Comedy Feature)

     Damian, a 23yr old recent college dropout, is trying to figure out what his life is about.  Though he is not too worried about the expectations of his family and the success of his friends, he feels the pressure mounting.  He just wants to take time to figure out what he wants to do.  After his uncle decides to shut down the candy store that Damian is managing, his best friend advises him to begin a lawncare business for a while.  After an event with a weed eater, Damian's life is turned upside down.  Facing the craziest time of his life, Damian finds a peace that passes all understanding, and a love like no other.



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Portal of the Dark:
King Solomon's Sword of Truth Trilogy
(Adventure/paranormal thriller)

     A group of friends decide to take a trip to a haunted forest for a good fright-night and to try to setup a couple. Little do they understand certain legends are more truth than myth. As events escalate, a man bound by a secret mission using a rare sword comes around just in time. A supernatural territorial war ensues, and their victory and sanity depends on his message being heard, and his mission being accomplished.

(3 seasons, 21 episodes a season series)

     A group of scientists discover technology that will enhance the human body like never before imagined; only to have a power-hungry, political organization steal it with the agenda of bringing a deceiving, European diplomat into power.  A former undergraduate student, Daniel Gracia, decides to lay down his ambitions and dedicates his life fully to God, within this relationship he is empowered through the Holy Spirit to perform great and powerful acts.

As events unfold, Daniel is given a list of names that the NSA had decrypted and later dismissed as useless information. He finds some of his friends in this list… as well as himself.  Daniel sets out to find these people, warn them, and attempt to help save their lives. Some of those strangers tag along with him to form a group.  Led by Daniel, they realize that the time of great tribulation is at hand and inevitable. They must fight to save as many people on the list as possible before the end of the age.  As they embark on the adventure of their life, their mission meets their destiny. This is Manifestations…


Elijah & Elisha:
(An epic adventure based on the biblical characters)

     The story of two prophets of old come alive in this epic adventure.  See Elijah raise the widow's son from the dead, call fire from heaven, come against Jezebel, parting the river Jordan, and going up in a whirlwind as Elisha takes his mantel. See Elisha curse his mockers, resurrect the Shunamite woman's son, the floating axehead, the vision of chariots, and resurrection of a man touched by his bones.


Rusty and Petuña:
(an animated film based on a true story)

     Rusty and Petuña are two house cats that were adopted.  Watch their hilarious life play out as they live, laugh, love, and get into trouble.  But their life changes forever when they are separated, but their love for life and each other overcomes even that obstacle.


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Train to Estelline
A Western/Scifi dramatic work based some historic events

The year is 1897 and former Union Army Colonel and current Texas Ranger Tru Wynn, decides to take the opportunity to settle down by becoming sheriff of Estelline, Texas, a prospering and booming cattle town. A sense of fervent justice fueled by a his past is in his eyes as he spots a lone native on the train in, a reminder of the battles he thinks he will have to fight in this part of the country.

During the ceremony announcing him to the town, without his prior knowledge, one of the officials takes advantage on account of him being single and announces an educational fundraiser by bidding him for courtships with the local single women. A strong feminine voice breaks through the bidding war catching the attention of the whole crowd and Tru’s intrigue. Jane de Shields Willoughby, the daughter of the
wealthiest and most powerful family in the 200 mile region.

There is an instant, unconscious bond between them, and, though Tru hesitates due to a buried past, he cannot coral the impulsive, yet irresistible Jane. As he gets familiar with the rest of the townspeople, it is the Willoughby’s and their connections that catch his knack for uncovering secrets.

As events escalate from all sides of the peoples in the area, Tru finds himself falling in love with Jane, coming into favor with her mother, Pat, the head of the Willoughby business, and at odds with their crazy off-the-wall Hispanic farm hand, Ramon. But things change after he gets whip-lashed with future technology, sending him and Jane through parallel worlds and dimensions.

Along the journey, Tru is continually challenged in changing the way he thinks about all that he knows to be true in this world and left only with faith in God, while Jane is faced with a lifetime of cover-ups and family secrets she has no prior knowledge of, and having to battle a close family member, William.  Her uncle.  As she begins to put the pieces together about her family, she finds out even her longtime friend, Ramon, the farm hand, also has a secret.

Ramon endures arguments and threats from Tru and Jane before they are together sucked into the endeavor of stopping Jane’s uncle from bringing troops from another dimension to take over the world. The three quickly realize they must work together to deal with the threat and they have to leave their unanswered questions behind. As events unfold, each come face to face with their destiny individually where they must make a personal sacrifice to save the world.

(Please support us as we begin the exciting road of preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God in all the world as a witness to all nations Matt 24:14)


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